COM0014 – Post #5 – My Personal Brand

The good thing about social media is that everyone has a chance to stand out (as noted by Tom Peters in his article ‘The Brand Called You’). Through social media, personal branding is arguably, “inescapable”. If you are posting content online, you are ultimately creating an image of yourself for people to see…your Personal Brand.

My Brand

When considering my own personal brand, it is important to note my area of specialization and the things that set me apart from some of my competition – primarily my work experience and my personality. I currently work as an Executive Administrative Assistant with the Federal Government. However, my background is in Communications, as I graduated with Bachelors with Honours in Communications from the University of Ottawa. I also worked several years in a Communications Department for the Canadian Army, in various positions. In addition to this, I co-own a Communications Consulting and Contracting business with my brother. Although we have not done too much work in our business in the past, we have started to do more with it recently, including working as a contractor with the Outreach Department for the Canadian Army and editing videos for various customers.

It is fair to say that my communication skills have been my strongest asset from when I was young, even to the point where I was nominated ‘Friend to Everyone’ when I was in high school. Most of my colleagues and friends would say that I am a good listener, which is an important characteristic for someone who works in communications, and that I am very easy to get along with, which is a great benefit to my clients.

Based on my past experiences, I feel that I have a lot of communications advice and guidance that I can contribute to others. In the past, many have to come to me for communications related information. Although I do not like to focus on this, I also feel that an element that makes me stand out is that I am a minority. To be more exact, I am a successful business woman of Lebanese decent. My background also gives me insight into communicating effectively with other Lebanese people (which is a huge diaspora worldwide), and with other women.

Your Personal Brand Anatomy by Olivia Omega (

Your Personal Brand Anatomy by Olivia Omega (

Some of my past successes in creating my personal brand include the fact that I have been able to create a website for my company, along with a Twitter and Facebook page. Through these, I have connected or followed some very successful communications consultants. This is something I am proud of, as I feel that I am taking the initiative to become more successful in my field. In addition to this, I have posted a couple of blog posts, though I hope to do this more regularly in the future. This is something I am proud of, since contributing to a blog, at least once a month, and more if possible, will help me build an audience. If I have people enjoying my blogs, using my personal style of writing, then they may share this with others. The more people that read my blogs, the stronger my personal branding will be. I can use my blog as a way of showing myself as a friendly person, but also an intelligent person. Hopefully these characteristics will attract people to me – and my personal brand.

What’s your personal brand, and are you finding it easy to identify it?

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