COM 0014 Blog#7 – Personal Reflection


I think that this may have been the most important exercise of the course. By reflecting on everything I learned, I revisited the challenges I faced with each assignment and will continually be reminded of those challenges going forward with my digital communication. How does that saying go… “What doesn’t kill you, only make you stronger”.

In an era that lives on the World Wide Web it is increasingly harder to be heard and to break down the noise barrier. Changing the way I write is the biggest lesson learned in this course. I don’t think that I was going about it the wrong way… I have just learned a better way. Altering the way I write to tell a story will speak louder and break down that noise barrier.

Working in a very specialized industry I lost sight of really understanding the target audience. I wasn’t digging deep enough in to their demographics and psychographics. By taking a step back to re-evaluate the target audience will help me to better connect with the target audience and encourage more interaction with readers.

I could break down each lesson and reflect on what I have learned and how each lesson has helped me grow as a writer and improve my digital communication skills, there were so many lessons learned but I will highlight just one. A point in lesson seven that will stick with me is great stories get shared. Creating meaningful content that an idea or lesson can be taken away will encourage sharing and through sharing there will be increased exposure. At the end of the day this is my end goal and how I measure my digital communication success.

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