COM0014 – Post #4 – Old Spice, Not Stinky At All

There are many case studies of organizations that can be considered strong or weak in their social media / online strategies. Old Spice has been a strong contender for one of the best online strategies used by a Business to Consumer (B2C) business, particularly when it comes to interacting with its online audience.

The reason I was drawn to this organization is because so many others were. For instance, I do not even use Old Spice products, but I am now very familiar with the types of products they sell, from their deodorants, body washes, and even colognes.

Old Spice

Some of the things Old Spice is doing right is adding humour to their online content, which in turn has made their advertisements, both still imagery and videos, viral sensations on the internet. In fact, I was introduced to these through links that were shared by many of my friends and family.

Among others, Old Spice is big on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. At one point they had the number one most viewed “sponsored channel” on YouTube, along with 236 million YouTube Views. Within two days they had 80,000 Twitter followers. The success of their social media campaign also resulted in increasing their Facebook Interaction by 800% and gaining over 1.5 million fans. For the company, this also meant an over 107% increase in sales.

A key thing to note is how Old Spice truly connected with fans, by responding to comments from viewers and even preparing video responses to the average person, in addition to celebrities. These were often in real time, where even within a 24-hour period the company had responded to comments with 116 YouTube videos. It is often said that people are genuinely surprised when they receive a response to something they say online. By responding to the average person, the campaign exceeded the expectations of their audience and reached new people.

I think it goes without saying that I think Old Spice’s strategies are working and I don’t see any real need to modify their strategy online yet.

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