COM 0014 Blog Post#5 – Personal Brand

HelloMyNameIsLeahHello, my name is Leah. And this is my story.

My experience is a collaboration of photography, marketing, advertising and graphic design and for over 10 years I have been using these mediums to translating my vision into a reality. Everything I do as a designer and photographer is fueled by the world around me, taking inspirations from everything I do and see.

When I asked my clients and peers to describe me, I was continually told my creative and enthusiastic personality compliments my versatility as a designer, photographer and marketing professional.

It is a very competitive world and difficult to differentiating yourself especially as a designer. I don’t claim that I can do it all but I am confident in my strengths, acknowledge my weaknesses and focus on my wide range of skills. I take pride in my ability to look at any initiative from both sides of the fence, a creative perspective and a business standpoint, giving me the vantage point I need to create eye-catching design while effectively supporting business objectives.

My strategy is to evoke and amplify emotions with my designs and make a connection that will cause someone to do something.

My tactic is understanding a client’s need and taking their vision to the next level. I am always looking for ways to change the boundaries of the box.

There are always challenges, limited resources to overcome. There is always going to be something working against me. There are also opportunities for me to embrace, sources to leverage and new ideas to expand on. Without ignoring those challenges, I focus on those opportunities. And this will give me success in my career.

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