Personal Branding and Social Media (COM0011)

Personal Branding and Social Media

or “How Does This Get Someone a Job”

To my mind there are two ways that Social Media can make a positive contribution to society.  One is the interaction between consumers and producers.  Incremental improvement is facilitated by creating a two-way communication between producers, organizations that create goods and services, and consumers, those that pay money for those goods and services..  This cuts two ways.  Producers can add value, cut waste, improve functionality: and by extension, improve revenues for these products.  Consumers can have a hand in improving products but also will benefit from improved quality, lower prices and more functionality of a given product due to the influence of Social Media

The other way that Social Media can have an impact on society is by speeding up the hiring process.  Speeding up the hiring process adds value to a business by helping to keep costs low, by improving productivity, and maybe even keeping employee turnover low.  These benefits have a direct impact on a companies Return on Investment (R.O.I.).  Speeding up the hiring process is a benefit to consumers.  Not having a job has a negative impact on people both psychologically and economically.  You are less inclined to spend disposable income when you do not have disposable income and are having trouble making the rent.  Not having employment opportunities is a failure on the part of society and on the part of business.  No employment opportunities results in people moving to an area where employment opportunities exist, which can create a downward spiral for the area in question.  It’s a failure for business because they cannot or will not allow their business’ to grow.

Social Media is a natural extension to the concept of “Networking”.  The practice of creating relationships between colleagues with the expectation that it will result in more relationships being created with unknown people in the future.  The expectation is that this will help to fulfill current or future needs.  In the past Networking relied on person to person contact which results in the creation of referrals or one person vouching for another.  This process is sped up by Social Media specifically by such sites as Linkedin and Yammer

“LinkedIn “allows users to create profiles that are essentially online resumes” and Yammer

“Yammer ( – Largely used in a business context, Yammer was initially an enterprise microblogging tool for companies to use internally. It evolved into a more open tool, with different interest groups emerging.

The question “How would Social media have changed the way you approached your last job search”  is a relevant one.  Searching through the “Want ads” is not effective as it is usually the last resort on the part of the employer.  Gaining a presence in the “Hidden Job market” is preferable for both parties.  This is where social media plays a critical role.  Social media creates a critical mass of information.  Employers who are smart will find ways to access then categorize the information, to identify candidates that have the potential to fulfill their current or future needs.

Applicants who are smart will learn to use Social Media in a constructive, productive manner.  Learning how to stand out from the competition by creating an effective “Personal Brand, and developing an effective marketing campaign.

4 thoughts on “Personal Branding and Social Media (COM0011)

  1. Agree with your post. Gone are the days of “please see my CV attached” – of course career postings on/in career sections will always be the lay of the land, social media is adding alternative options for both job seekers and employers.

  2. The reason I have a LinkedIn account is because this course required me to. I find it interesting, It’s nice to see how quickly your network of contacts can grow. Quite shocking to see people I know on a personal level with exaggerated work experience and education under their profiles. I know a resume can be dishonest but I was really put off by a public resume being so sneaky.

  3. I understand that more and more HR teams use sites like LinkedIn to search for prospective employees. Personal branding is becoming more important as a way to ensure your internet presence, both professional and personal, represents who you are. I have had a LinkedIn account for over a year now and not only has it led to job offers, but it also is useful for following a number of subjects and keeping abreast of changes in people’s professional lives.
    Thank you staysing for your comment about exaggerated profiles; it hadn’t even occurred to me that people would do that, but I suppose some would. I guess I am just a little naive.

  4. Thank you for this. I have always been a little wary of Linkedin. I am correct in thinking that you have found it useful. you are the first person to say to me that it has provided any opportunities.

    Thanks again


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