COM0014 – Post #3 – A Communication Consultant’s Target Audience

Target AudienceMy brother and I own a communications consulting company in Ottawa, Canada.  For starters, as a business focused on offering consulting services for a variety of communication needs, including, but not limited to, social media, writing and public affairs, our audience is twofold.  Our primary audience is of a professional context, which includes small and large businesses, as well as municipal, provincial and federal governments. However, we also cater to members of the general public with a need for communications products.

So, what do we actually know about our audience?

customersFrom a demographics perspective, we could look at the average and predominant gender of these groups, their education levels, things like marital status or family type of these individuals, and even their ethnic or religious backgrounds.  After this, we can look at the psychographics of this audience, which essentially focuses on the types of lifestyles/people they are. This includes personality traits (are they conservative or trendy), the types of products they own, are they general lower, middle or upper class people, do they tend to be leaders or followers, and their general interests.

I think, for us, because of our two fold audience, it would look something like this:

  • Professional Audience:
    • Mostly college or university educated; both male and female (pretty equally now –; various ethnic and religious backgrounds, though we find that the most active social media users in a professional context in Ottawa tend to be Caucasian.
    • Social media users tend to be more trendy, though those from a government background may likely be more conservative due to the rules they must follow; tend to be middle to upper class individuals; combination of leaders and followers (some are trying to be at the forefront of changes in technology, while others are trying to do what other government departments/businesses have already achieved).
  • General Public:
    • The demographics are very wide spread. We will focus on those with potential needs for communication services. In the past, these have been younger couples, such as newlyweds looking for video editing services.
    • Tend to be trendy, as they come looking for these types of services for modern needs and tend to be middle or upper class.

I think we certainly need to do more research on this area. Do you have any suggestions for us going forward?

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