COM 0014 Blog Post 4 – B2C Case Study

Engaging customers via social media has opened the doors for many small, locally owned businesses, giving them the opportunity to reach their customers on a shoe string budget. Offering special sales, contests and product education can really get your customers talking and more importantly through the door. Skindeep Eco Spa is a locally owned business in the heart of Paris Ontario and they have done just that!

Actively involved with their customers, they have just over 900 followers combined on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. To put that number into perspective, Paris Ontario has a population of approximately 10,000 and for a specialized business, such as a spa, to have close to 1% of that population following, they have definitely captured the attention they are after.

Skindeep Eco Spa’s social media posts don’t include just promoting themselves and their spa services but they take the time to educate on the importance of skin care and the difference between organic products and the generic brands you find at the drug store. For many this education is one more step to a healthier lifestyle. Did you know that your skin is your largest organ? Not many people would think of their skin an organ. And how many of us pay as much attention to the health of our skin as we do our heart or our lungs? Skin 101 courtesy of Skindeep Eco Spa.

Of course a business cannot survive on just educating their customers but it certainly helps get them through the door. But that isn’t the only tactic that Skindeep Eco Spa has done to engage with their customers. They are continually offering special sales and contest and most recently with their location move, extended hours with the ability to book appointments via Twitter, Facebook and email. Convenience another bonus for the customer!

The quality of Skindeep Eco Spa’s social media presence has proven to be very successful and I truly believe that they are on the right track to continued business success through their social media channels.


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