COM0014 – Blog 7 – Personal Reflection

Reflecting on this course comes with it a sense of accomplishment and a sense of “What’s next?”. I found the concepts of different styles of writing very useful. It’s definitely something I will reflect on after the course is over. Which brings me to an area of reflection, I was NOT anticipating, grammar. I found that even though I enjoy writing, there were reminders about the proper grammar usage. This is where feedback pushed me to find ways to improve. I found myself researching online grammar classes. I found quite a few. Then I looked at the Algonquin College’s online course calendar. Low and behold there is a program online for a Creative Writing Certificate. That’s where this particular course in the Social Media Certificate program differed for me. This course showed me potential to improve my writing. Writing that can be used in blogs. It was not just the concepts learned in the course that led me to make a decision on furthering my education in writing. It was the course as a whole including the teacher who upon mixed feedback prompted me to look beyond Social Media.

A large portion of this program was spent blogging and creating your style and voice. I intend on pursuing creative writing to help me churn new blogs that not only keep the audience interested but keep ME interested. So, in January I will be taking alongside my last course for this program, writing short stories.

Writing a story takes practice and applying story writing to blogging of sometimes dry topics, lends a certain sparkle to the message. Story. Who doesn’t like a good story? We grow up captivated by story before bed. We watch stories unfold in theatre and television. The human is spirited when listening to a great story. I want to tell, stories.

A great blog will catch the attention and engage people. The best ones have a bit of a story behind it. I can tell you about a business coach that uses story telling on her posts on Facebook, her blog, and video clips. Is there engagement? You bet! I can honestly say there is a lot of it.

When you tell a story you enable people to dig deep inside and relate to it by comparing their own experiences. A story can tug a chord. Stories make it real. I plan to keep it real. Taking a class to enhance my story telling skills will help me keep it real.

Creative writing is not the only course that was spawned from this digital communication course. No. There is another that I will be taking in January. That will actually come in handy to use in social media as well. The course I am talking about is photography. Creating graphics and quotes sometimes involves the use of pictures. Attached to many photos is copyrights. By creating my own pictures I am freeing myself from the possibility of a violation of copyright. I can buy photos or have permission from photographers to use certain photos, and have gone that route. However, what a great way to really connect with my own work by producing my own pictures. A photography course is where you will see me mid January, learning beginner techniques.

As this is my last blog for the course, I just want to say thank you for reading and helping me keep it real.

Stay the Course

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