Assignment #1, Blog Post #7-COM0014: Personal Reflection

During this course I have learned a lot about social media and its large role and influence in marketing and advertising and in our lives. Social media has really changed our world forever and when it’s used properly especially for communication it can make big waves for almost any company. We have seem some businesses who struggle to use social media accurately and to properly communicate with their audience in order to succeed, but those who have gotten it right have had great customer service reviews, increased profit, increased traffic, etc.
The business to customer consumer method is most popular especially in social media, when a business makes the step from communicating TO their customers to WITH their customers great results are achieved. This needs to be done correctly though, if a business wants it to be effective. They have to care about their customers opinions, they have to give customers a reason to love their product or service, they have to meet customers needs, and most importantly they need to want their customers opinion and approval.
Throughout this course we have gotten straight forward lessons on how to communicate digitally and properly. For anyone looking to make a business in the future this really helps you gain the knowledge in order to make contacts and functionally network yourself. Nothing is more important in business than building relationships with people, gaining people’s trust, and letting people know your story. Like we learned, sometimes a business mogul’s personal story is the businesses total success; people love hearing how people got to where they are, or what plans they had and achieved.
Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed this class and I have gained a lot from writing all these blog posts and doing all the assignments, it has been very beneficial to someone like me who is looking to start her own online business. There would be no way for me to survive the online business world without the proper knowledge of digital communication.

One thought on “Assignment #1, Blog Post #7-COM0014: Personal Reflection

  1. You definitely have the makings of a brand that would resonate with a lot of people online. You should definitely try and explore your YouTube series and your own personal blog. I really enjoyed reading your posts.

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