Assignment #1, Blog Post #6: Do People Know Your Story?


As a child I was incredibly shy, I spoke very little, only when I was spoken to and guess how many people were linin’ up to talk to the shyest girl in town? Let’s just say not very many. People like me are often misread, we don’t proclaim who we are with confidence, therefore people put tags on us defining who we are without our permission, even without truthful facts. So when I was a young and timid tom boy/emo looking girl people tagged me as depressed, now that I have become more girly and “polished” if you will, yet remain quiet people sometimes see me as stuck up or “too good”. I think being so criticized really prepared me for this moment, when so many people are throwing around opinions of you whether or not they are false or true it really gives you a taste of the real world. This has taught me to has such tough skin even when it can feel overwhelming or lonesome, in the end the opinions of others can and won’t stop me from living my life in a way that makes me happy. Life is like a battlefield, you have to make tough decisions, you have to do whatever it takes in order to make it to that finish line… no one ever survived no man’s land by being a push over.

One thought on “Assignment #1, Blog Post #6: Do People Know Your Story?

  1. Good for you to step beyond society’s taggers and into your own spotlight. I find it very surprising to hear you were shy. You seem so comfortable in your video. I enjoy your writing very much!

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