COM0011 – Blog Post #1: Social media and my ten-year plan: Dream big!

Two months ago I was inspired to write a 10-year plan. At first, the task felt overwhelming. I could only imagine myself in the same place, doing the same job, only 10 years older. Not very exciting. But, when I started to give it more thought, when I allowed myself to dream big, ideas started flowing. I realized that my big dream is to one day be able to write and make my living from anywhere in the world. Suddenly, I could see the possibilities and it became easier to break down the big dream into tangible goals and steps to help get me there. One of these steps is taking this course and completing the Social Media certificate program. The other is starting my own blog as a marketing and learn-as-I-go tool.

In the past few weeks, with amazing ease, I’ve registered for, signed up for a hosting service, learned the basics of writing and posting articles and how to link those articles to other social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin, using Hootsuite.

Blogging for newbies

I’ve started reading Groundswell and in the book’s Groundswell Technology Test, one of the questions to consider with new social media technology is: Is it effortless to sign up for? Meaning, can the average person, with no programming skills, sign up and start sharing? In my experience with so far, the answer is yes! It’s also a lot of fun.

Writing a blog is one thing. My big question is how to get my blog “out there”? How can I attract readers? This is something I’d like to understand better as we go through the course. If I can get answers to these kinds of questions here, then I’ll be able to provide advice to the clients I hope to have in the future. So, far I’ve been using the WordPress plug-in Yoast to increase my SEO (search engine optimization). See what I mean about quick learning? Just a few weeks ago I had no idea what a plug-in or SEO meant. I realize now that if I’m stumped, a simple Google search will lead me to a solution. There’s a generous community out there that makes things a little easier for newbies like me.

Has anyone else started a blog and, if so, have you found ways to attract readers?

The following on-line resources are great for blogging beginners:

Sites I use for my blog:

You can visit my creative writing blog at:

2 thoughts on “COM0011 – Blog Post #1: Social media and my ten-year plan: Dream big!

  1. I too am so excited by the notion that I CAN ACTUALLY do this!!!! Best of luck with getting your blog “out there”. I look forward to visiting your creative writing blog.

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