COM0014 – Post #1 – Vacation? What Vacation?

It has been way too long since I have had a vacation, and let’s be honest, everyone needs a vacation. This is not a complaint….merely an observation. I can feel the vacation itch coming on, and eventually I will not be able to fight it any longer!

Majdel Balhis, Lebanon

My last vacation was in October 2012, when my eldest daughter was a year and a half years old. Most of my husband’s family lives in a small village in Lebanon, and his parents could not come to Canada to be here when my daughter was born. She was their first grandchild, so it was a pretty big deal.  (I am sure it was thrilling for my parents, but they already had another granddaughter – my niece – so understandably, it may have been less exciting for them).

A small village indeed.

A small village indeed.

This was actually our second trip to Lebanon with my daughter, as we went down when she was just five months old, so that she could meet her grandparents. I suppose, at that age, it was more for them to meet her. Since she was still the only grandchild a year after our first trip, it made sense for us to visit them again. Not to mention, she was still at a cute age  (before her “terrible twos”). To be honest, we probably just used our daughter as a good enough justification for us to go on a trip.

So, all that to say that it has been over two years since I have had a vacation. Of course, during these two years, I managed to have another baby and get pregnant with a third (due this upcoming February). Some may think that my maternity leave is a “vacation” and I that I am lucky I have another one coming up. On the other hand, most mothers/caregivers will tell you, particularly those at home with a newborn and a toddler…it is no vacation.

So, I sigh, as I say, oh when, oh when will my vacation time come….oh when oh when will that be?

Travelling with young ones is quite difficult, but enough is enough, I must have a vacation.

I am planning to try and go down to Lebanon this upcoming summer, but that will all be dependent on if Foreign Affairs removes its recommendation to stay away from that region due to political pressures. Until then, I will also need to consider being a tourist in my own town – or relatively close to town – since long car rides are probably out of the picture for the next little while too. I am sure there is plenty to do with my kids in Ottawa, but in keeping them busy, I hope I find time for myself to wind down. Otherwise, is that really a vacation?

I would gladly take any vacation recommendations for a mother of three kids under the age of four. Luckily, my husband can also be around to help. Any suggestions?

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