COMM0014 – Post 2 – Storytelling and Communication Styles


So you want to become a successful digital writer? No problem. All you have to do is make your writing captivating and engaging by keeping these five things top of mind: write your content like you’re telling a story; create content that is clear and concise; be mindful of grammar, spelling and punctuation; use an active voice; and write with a style that encourages engagement and interaction.


Digital writers face many challenges in their efforts to stand out in today’s world. For one, people are strapped for time and are easily distracted. Not only that, the digital age has made the competition fiercer than ever. Therefore your writing needs to capture their attention immediately – with a good story. Once you’ve done that, you need to make sure you don’t lose your reader through unnecessary content – be short and sweet. And even a good story won’t keep their attention if they become distracted and fed up by poor grammar and spelling (not to mention your loss of credibility). Using an active voice will help keep momentum in the story. And finally, you need to ensure you have a plan before you start writing. You want your material to provide your audience with an experience they will remember, something that will inspire them to take action.

Being a successful storyteller isn’t all about what you like. It’s also about identifying what your audience wants to hear – and they want to find it and hear about it in as short a time frame as possible. Oh, and once you become an expert at keeping their attention, make sure you provide an easy way for them to share your content and interact with you.

Are there any blogs that you actively engage in? I’d be curious to see what style is used to keep you engaged.

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