COM0015 Blog Post 1 – Tools & Source Preferences

imagesI don’t know about you, but hands down, Hootsuite is my favourite overall tool. They have certainly earned the right to use the tagline “Get the #1 Social Relationship Platform”. From their free mini-package that more than fulfills the needs of the general public, to the modestly priced Pro version that allows up to 50 social profiles (at the lowest price point), all the way up to the Enterprise customized full product suite. Listening, analytics, collaboration and engagement all together in one secure place. The user-friendly website, choice of language, dashboard, and 24/7 support community are the key contribution to their success. Making sure the experience is positive and functional keeps clients happy and talking about the product. There’s no concern for complaints about usage difficulties with Hootsuite because they go out of their way to make sure you know all the ins and outs. There are even university training, education and certification offered through the portal. They are definitely the go-to place to learn about Social Media and put that into practice. Have you checked them out? Their product is a benchmark to the industry. With the wide variety of solutions, it’s the product I most often refer to a client, unless they have an affinity to another. Some companies don’t mind paying for more complex products like Radian6. Would you pay more? Another fantastic tool is the Netvibes Netvibes dashboard we created in COM0013 COM0015, using a combination of: Google Alerts GoogleAlerts, Yahoo Pipes  pipeslogo_whitebg MSExcel Excel. Considering you build this from scratch and completely tailor it to your own preferences and objectives, it’s a viable and economical option that works equally as well as many products out there. It’s a great alternative to keep in your toolbox when providing opportunities to your clients. I continue to use mine on a daily basis and am very pleased with the results. Do you still use yours? My favourite news source is LinkedInLinkedin. Particularly for business, it’s professional and quality news. The feeds you find on LinkedIn are always safe topics in any audience. Not sensitive or offensive in any manner. There is no gossipy drama styled feeds. No sneaky headlines trying to manipulate you into clicking. Just information that is usually both educational and entertaining. Having the ability to join groups that are topic-related is a great benefit to stay on top of different industry discussions. It also keeps me up-to-date on what news my connections find interesting. Do you have a presence for your business? The other news source I use every day is TwitterTwitter. The nice thing about it is it reminds me what is trending and perhaps needs my attention so I don’t have to go in search of the news. I don’t necessarily look for the full story on Twitter, just use it as a heads-up device then usually turn on the TV or search on Google to get a true journalistic account of what is happening. Since Twitter is often the place stories break, it is the most reliable source for news in real time. What are your favourites?

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