Assignment #1, Blog Post #5: COM0014-Personal Branding

When it comes to promoting myself, I want to speak nothing but the truth, sometimes the truth is hard, sometimes its ugly, sometimes its not the best way to sell the brand “me”; regardless the truth is always most appealing and intriguing to people. I am not perfect, not on my YouTube videos, not in Facebook profile picture, not in my filtered Instagram posts, not in my “busy” Twitter feed, and not in real life. I never want to claim or put out this image that I am perfect because I believe that people don’t always appreciate such boastfulness… i never did say that people don’t appreciate a woman who is confident in her abilities.

I make YouTube videos that relate to young girls and women, I talk about faith, fashion, makeup, hair, beauty, friendship, relationships, and everything else that i feel passionate about or can relate to. I have the ability to talk to a camera without feeling awkward or uncomfortable, its actually very freeing and I find that i am most myself when put on the spot like that. I am also a writer, i blog about my faith and bring together teaching, encouragement and relatability. I am sweet, kind, generous, always know as the nice girl with a big heart. I think people like to watch me because i am like a friend, not a celebrity, not an authority, but someone who can help them and understand what they are going through. The best part about me (and i say that with all the humility in the world) is that i am not perfect…i mess up every single day of my life and i don’t want to hide it. When people, especially girls,  know that they are not alone in something that means that creates a want in their heart, to watch or read or know you.

So that is who i am from a personal banding perspective anyway, obviously there is more to me because i do not share every little detail of my life online. Personally i think that is the way things should be because if not we will all find way to many things to complain about and pick on each other for.

My introduction video:

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