Assignment #1, Blog #4: COM0014- B2C Case Study

For the B2C case study, I chose Ting, an inexpensive mobile telephone provider who have correctly used their social media platform to increase sales, website traffic, and customers. Without social media this small mobile provider would have suffocated under their very large and already successful competitors. They worked with however small following they did have and from there came out as a competitive provider.

What did they do right?

The first thing Ting did right was rather than just using social media as a broadcasting tool, they used it as a communication tool. They actively update followers with video blogs, behind the scenes, etc and they also re-tweet their followers questions and comments. The thing that got them followers in the first place is the incredible following campaign which gave them a 75% increase in followers. They did this by productively compelling their followers with facts and discounts on their services.

I think one thing that gave Ting the competitive edge is their clear price reductions especially compared to other providers, this helps turn shoppers into customers, this gave them that B2C marketing advantage. People love hearing about a good deal whether it’s online or in person, the good thing about being online is that consumers can get immediate reviews about whether or not to make a purchase, not only from other customers,but also from the company themselves.

The B2C message that Ting brings across is that their product/service will greatly improve your life, their give basic points about why their service is actually better then everyone else, and because of their flexibility as a phone provider they really seem to put themselves in the customers shoes because they use logical phone plans such as “you pay for what you use”.

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