COM 0014 Blog#3 Target Audiences

target-audience-300x210Frank Cowan Company (FCC) is an insurance company specializing in municipal and specialty organizations making their target market very focused. With such a niche target market, demographics and psychographics aren’t used in the same way when determining the target audience and building their profile. The target audience is not broken down in to segments but types of organizations and those organizations are municipalities and public service, healthcare, education, community, children’s and social service organizations and insurance brokers that FCC partners with to insure these organizations.

We know our target market, now we need to communicate with them. High level it may appear that narrowing in on these organizations and communicating with them online maybe relatively simple, focus on a social media platform and target those using that platform. However, it isn’t that cut and dry. With the variety of target markets and the different types of social media platforms available, FCC needs to focus on multiple platforms to ensure the best reach. This switches the focus of using one platform for the majority of FCC’s communications to a very focused message and that focus is Risk Management. Risk Management is the key to preventing insurance claims and potentially saving an organization dollars spent on deductibles and premiums.

No matter what type of organization, managing risk is top of mind and when you are an organization that faces unique risks, specialized advice and offerings are important. FCC uses their knowledge and expertise and provided advice on these unique risk factors as a tool to build awareness, discussions and to connect with their target market.

Check out FCC’s Inspector Insights and Risk Management Insights posts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

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