Assignment #1, Blog Post #3-COM0014: Target Audiences

As a young woman, social media lover, and fan of looking semi-decent on a daily basis; I love makeup! It’s a huge industry that makes millions of dollars each year, there are countless brands and products being raved and review all over social media. The target audience for such a wide and variety driven industry is obviously females, and for the sake of this project I am limiting to audience to females aged 15-20. I got into makeup a couple of years ago when i started watching YouTube videos, there were tons of beautiful girls posting demos, reviews, raves, and favorites videos online. The videos were kind of addicting and the more I searched the more “beauty gurus” I found, they talk about hundreds of products each year and it’s an amazing form of marketing/advertising.

The target audience is young and “impressionable”, let’s say we like to follow trends and we like making ourselves look good. The reason the “beauty gurus” do such a great job in selling is that they relate to these young women, they are regular people posting videos online about things they love and it inspires others. These young women also have jobs to buy makeup/beauty products with, they live at home (usually) and so getting them inspired to purchase a new lipstick is easy. I would say that this audience is visual, when they see something they like they go after it immediately, we are a fast-paced and instant type of generation so things like online shopping work.

When it comes to communicating to these audiences, companies have to be very real and easy to relate to. The skinniest model isn’t always as appealing as the real young woman, people want to know that in their regular state of being they can also achieve “runway” beauty. The use of social media and YouTube videos is a great way to reach this audience, and one way that they could increase their popularity is by reaching our to real woman. Whether by contest, or video submission, or anything creative industries like this could make big waves.

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