Assignment #1, Blog Post #2-COM0015: Strong and Weak Organizations

Strong Organizations:

The first organization that i believe is doing well in the field of social media is Tim Horton’s, they have made incredible moves on their social media pages lately. They are living proof of successful social media marketing, if you look on their Twitter page alone they are always updating, sharing photos, re-tweeting fans, holding contests, making up cool challenges and constantly pushing their limits, most recently seen when they turned a house into a friendly neighborhood Tim Horton’s.  I chose Timmies, because i am a huge fan, it’s every Canadian’s go to doughnut shop, they have reasonable prices, good quality, variety menu, friendly employees, many locations etc.

The Second organization that i chose because of their social media success is McDonald’s, i’m trying to stick with the food theme. They are a successful business without social media, but they have used such platforms to greatly, and i mean greatly increase their success. As i was scrolling along their Twitter page, i found that they are huge on visually promoting their new menu items, whether it be coffee or burgers and this marketing tactic always works. They also answer a lot of their critics with “proof” of their foods quality, though the speculation has never hurt their reputation because everyone’s “lovin’ it”.

The third organization that i chose because they need to work harder on their social media skills is Nate’s Deli Family Kitchen. I chose this place because they sell food, and they are a local, smaller business. Now, just because a business isn’t a franchise does not mean they can’t use social media to expand their audience and broaden their locations. I believe that is any local businesses greatest fault, not staying on top of social media. Yes, it may be difficult to gain a large following a first, but if your start small with just your local audience, and if you have damn good food, your business will soon grow and become very popular and well known.

Every business has a choice, to choose or not to choose social media. When they favor the generations favorite tools they gain respect, profit and success. When they remain “old school” they lose their ability to relate and reach further customers.

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