COM0014 Personal Branding.

I guess ill start off with some personal qualities. Well I have some knowledge of business and marketing. Which I think is a plus when working with social media the more I learn in this course it seems more apparent to me that you need a business and marketing background with a fair bit of experience. With me being pretty fresh out of high school and taking 2 business/marketing courses per semester I have enough knowledge to get me into trouble which isn’t a bad thing I think.

Things that set me apart from others is that i am young and versed in business,marketing and some accounting which isn’t really needed with social media but I have it if I need it. I think what also sets me apart is how I communicate. I tend to just speak like how i speak i don’t twist things and have an alter ego. What you see is what you get. If I don’t like something i’ll flat out say something about it and just the opposite of that if I really like something i’ll do everything I can to say I like it and would help spread the word about it.

Lately i have just been myself and it may not help me stick out but honestly sticking out isn’t a big deal for me id rather be the type if you want something done my way seek me out i make myself not hard to find. Granted if i stick out so be it.. it’ll just help me more i guess.

Well seeing how i don’t currently have colleagues I cant say for certain about what they would say my best trait would be. I would say probably i’m easy to communicate with and that I tend to speak my mind.

This bio I would say just describe me and how I tend to operate and get things done and give some insight to me.

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