COM0014 Blog Post 5: Personal Brand

The main attribute that sets me apart is my inability, or perhaps unwillingness, to “sell” myself.

In spite of this, people are naturally drawn to me for advice and leadership.

I have built a multitude of trust-based relationships in all aspects of my life, mostly because my ‘cards are always on the table’ and not from branding myself.

In true form, I had great difficulty in completing this blog. It started (and almost ended) with a brief list of descriptive words you would find on an employment assessment.

As was suggested, in the event of difficulty, I consulted with several key people in my inner circle who helped me formulate an overview of Thornley. The result of which appears to be that I am resoundingly known as the one person who will always be there and never let you down: the reliable and trusted colleague, friend, and family member. I won’t bore you with the list of examples they compiled to justify their opinions.

Suffice it to say my dedicated yet doggedly-determined nature places me in high demand among people and businesses needing assistance in reaching new heights. That, along with my extraordinary ability to extract 25 hours out of every 24-hour day.

Before I set out on my college journey, my shortest work-week was 117 hours. Yes, you read that correctly. The shortest one. I worked seventeen years without a sick day or vacation, which was no small feat considering I raised three active sons. On a rare occasion I would take a one-day weekend.

A colleague contributed his belief that I inspire people with the seemingly impossible projects I accomplish such as making the Dean’s list while pursuing 26 courses in a 12-month time frame and running a business at the same time.

The managing partner at one of my former employers referred to my multitasking gift as a “veritable art-form”.

A member of the Board of Directors I serve on tells me that the Board has always been impressed by my composure in times of crisis while displaying a talent for getting to the root of the problem and offering a viable solution almost instantaneously.

Former employees tell me they have never had a better employer and mentor, adding that the example I set was a benchmark to their own success.

Close friends say that the figurative vault in which I secure their personal information represents the depth of my loyalty, which to them is the most valuable trait I possess.

One of my sons claims that it’s my sense of humour and unwavering ability to make anyone smile that differentiates me.

The one point I am willing to express about myself is that I inject passion into everything I do, and by osmosis into everyone and everything around me. I invest all that I am and all that I have into my daily life.

I was brought up with the saying “anything worth doing, is worth doing well” and I live by that adage.

Perhaps I should add I am quite humble. Or at least I was before I wrote this!

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