COM0014 – B2C Case Study

Bath and Body Works is a company that is a Business to Consumer (B2C) type of business. The company has a huge marketing campaign in store and online that really drives their products, and personally always catches my attention.  The marketing uses a wide variety of bright colours, imagery and targets a mass audience, ranging from teens to older adults, and products ranging from personal use to home decor.  There is always a sale being advertised, which are promoted by email, on the website, in store or on the bottom of your receipt which periodically will indicate a discount for your next purchase. The company does a really great job at catering to their audience by individual needs and based on the time of year or season. The company really connects their ad campaigns to your personal life. For example, below is a screenshot advertising the Winter Wallflowers, the ad is graphically pleasing showing light fluffy snow, beautiful scenery of a winter day and photos of families enjoying winter hobbies with one another.

Bath and Body Works are very active on their website and it is probably the company’s strongest tool as far as advertising in a very eye catching way. The seasonal items are clearly displayed and the promotions are easy to find. The company is also very active with email marketing, where I receive at least one email a week that features a promotion or certain deals that my local store is having. I think it is a very effective tool because I know personally I have actually gone in store and made purchases based on the emails I receive.

You can also find commercials on YouTube which advertise new product lines. The company is active on Facebook but I did notice that there wasn’t a lot of dialogue going on. If a question or comment is made by someone, the company does respond, however, there aren’t a lot of comments being made. This is one area the company could improve on in terms of communicating to their audience, they need to engage people in conversations on Facebook, or advertise in such a way that causes some more dialogue to be had.


All in all, Bath and Body Works does a great job at connecting personally with their audience while advertising their products. They get to the heart of what makes the products so great and through their advertising, connect their products with how they can improve your life. One area the company could improve on is monitoring, listening and interacting with their Facebook audience.


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