COM0014 – B2C Case Study “Zulily”

For my B2C company I decided to use Zulily. An online fashionable clothing store which focuses on designer look items for a fraction of the cost.

Zulily engages with the consumer over Facebook. Using ads that present a savings they entice the consumer to click and find out more. Once inside their website you are presented with all their merchandise sectioned off in groups, such as, Men’s, Children, Women, and Home to give you an example.

Each company portrayed within the site is showcased and the savings and specials are clear. Often times you find clothing being sold at 50%-70% off the regular price. That deserves a click to see more. And then you are taken to the items on sale for that particular event.

Events have timed periods in which they occur. That produces a sense of urgency to buy before a particular campaign runs out. The other thing that produces urgency and return to website is the knowledge that every day new campaigns begin with new items. Once you have ordered they entice you again by offering free shipping for the rest of the day.
Effectively reaching their demographic in Facebook ads, they continually have success across North America and abroad. Customers can also use the Pin function and post to Pinterest sharing and growing the following and customers.

This company does it so well that I can see them being around for a long time if they keep to this way of marketing. But it does not end there. They give their customers the option to share to new followers, friends and family. Encouraging this action by offering online store credits, it just quadruples their sales.

Facebook ads don’t work? Well for this company they use them generously to hook customers in and create an effective following with 2,692,263 likes alone on their Facebook page.

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