#Gamergate? (COM0011)

Gamer gate? Something a lot of people have never even heard of but is starting to sweep across gaming community. Gamer gate, to sum it up really quickly is just the corruption of “Gaming journalist and reviews” were youtubers and journalist are being either bribed or sponsored to give a great review or in some cases being flipped around and reviewers black mailing the company with a bad review.  There is also another level which is a little more extreme with Gamer gate where death and bomb threats being called in on “Feminist Critics of Video Games.” I will save that for another day tho and just focus on the Social Media aspect on reviewing VIA youtube and other forms of reviewing. I’ll add a follow up link if you want to read more into the “Feminist Critic” at the bottom.

One of the highest debated topics of Gamer gate is the sponsorship of reviewing a video game were youtubers are being paid to review these games and not give it a bad review. They target youtubers more because gamers are more influenced and have a far better relationship with there audience then having read a review on a blog or in a magazine (Isn’t the 90’s anymore) from a random journalist. Although this is nothing new were gaming companies will fly reviewers out and give them a 5 star treatment, give them a wink and say sooo what do you think? Gamers are starting to lash out at these Sponsored/ Lop sided reviews because they feel like the developer has full control over the review.

Personally I think this Gamer gate is getting blown way out of proportion.  Reviews have always had there positives and negatives. For example; The restaurant industry, I have seen people give 1 star reviews because they didn’t get comp’d for a 40$ salmon they didn’t want, why would you order in the salmon in the first place… who knows…  Then I see people who actually PAY people for there reviews then when people finally get to those restaurants the food is brutal. No matter what industry you are in weather it’s gaming or movie or some other industry, there will always be corrupt opinions and paid opinions on the product. Yes I love playing video games and a positive or negative review won’t really alter my decision personally if I will be playing or not. What it really comes down to is being an educated consumer knowing what you are researching, know what you are listening to and if someone says they are loving it make sure they generally love it for whats in front of them. But.. Let’s be serious here tho, there is a lot bigger problems in the world then “Corrupt” gaming reviews.

(“Feminist Critics of Video Games.”)

3 thoughts on “#Gamergate? (COM0011)

  1. Just out of interest, I heard a bit about the feminist critique (and all the nasty backlash that women reviewers were getting) on GamerGate on CBC last Friday, I think. I don’t game, but I was really taken aback by the lengths a few people will go online, posting reviewers’ addresses, making horrible threats…

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