COM0014 Target audience

Target audience. Its something you just gotta know inside and out. You have to know everything about the people you are communicating,selling to or anything. You have to know who they are, you need to know their gender,their interests,their generation is also important where they live,their age family status to name a few.

I personally think its crucial to have this information because of the obvious if you don’t have the knowledge you are pretty much wasting your time because if you try to sell something to a non specific audience its never going to work. You will only reach a small amount of success because your not reaching a target audience who would be more interested in your product or to look at what your trying to do.. If you don’t grab their interest and keep it your success is limited and honestly i wouldn’t waste the time to do something without the info about who your trying to reach.

When i was in high school i took bushiness courses and it taught me about Maslow’s hierarchy of  needs.


I believe that the hierarchy of needs is the best way to know about your target audience because it tells you everything you need to know to actually connect with people that you are aiming to connect with Because it gives you an idea of what they need and want. It also reminds you about what you personally need but that is for another blog.

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