COM0014: Bog post # 3: Target Audiences

Reaching out to your target audience is crucial if you want your product or service to become a success. Especially for a new photographer, like me. Photography is not only my passion, but for my clients as well. So for that reason, I need to really understand my target audience and here are some ways on how to do that.

Determine and understand your target audience. 

Begin research before you dive into your communications plan, or in this case, a social media strategy. Doing so will help you develop appropriate messaging which will have a huge impact on your sales. Ask yourself questions like these to determine the demographics of your target audience: Who are they?  How big is their immediate family unit? What is their education level? Are they married, single or divorced? The answers will help you to define the next part of the equation, which is, the psychographic information of your audience.  What is their lifestyle like? How do they spend quality family time? Are they a traditional family? What are some of their opinions, values, interests and hobbies?

Let’s take my photography business as an example. I don’t point and shoot just anybody; my specialty is photographing children and babies. Keeping the end result in mind (clients with babies and children), I’ve determined that the demographic and psychographic information of my target audience would include the following: Women, pregnant women, parents, first time parents, 20’s-40’s, young families, married couples, pregnant or with babies and/or young children, live in Ottawa, graduated with a university degree or college diploma, middle class, trendy yet traditional, family oriented, happy and proud parents, enjoys sharing photos of their children online and on social media sites.

Tools and strategies to reach a target audience.

These days, most of the general public spends some time online, surfing and browsing several websites. In order to be a success, you should always brand yourself or your business by using a variety of social media platforms. Here are a few ways to keep your audience engaged.

Create a Facebook page that anyone can access
Everybody has heard of Facebook. Facebook group pages also include analytics that can help you determine how effective and engaging your activity is. In terms of photography, here are a few reasons why photographers have used Facebook with their clientele:

  • Announce specials
  • Post photos of recent shoots
  • Link to new posts on your blog
  • Hold contests
  • Show what goes on behind the scenes
  • Post ways how clients can look good in photos
  • Share content that inspires you

Here’s a link to Jana Williams Facebook page, a photographer that inspires me and really knows how to use social media.

Create a Twitter account
Twitter is not only a great listening tool, it could also be used as a way to soft-sell your product. But don’t be that heavy, tacky, sales rep either. In 140 characters or less, you can leave soft and subtle messages, tips, links to your work and images from your photography portfolio. Here you will find tips on how to promote your business using Twitter:

Pinterest allows you to pin and share images. You can use Pinterest to help your business get more profile and exposure. Basically, the more your images are pinned, the better chance you’ll have at getting people to visit your website and buy your product. You can also create promotions, hold a photo contest and sell your products and services, which all help to strengthen your brand. This is a great tool for photographers to use.

Understanding your target audience and using some social media tools are ways that would definitely benefit your business and help you to become more successful.

Hope you enjoyed my blog post.





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