Blog Post #5 – Social Media: Hash Tag – COM0011

If your big on Facebook and Twitter then you know about the infamous HASH TAG or #, this symbol is an important way that celebs, businesses, and regular people can go viral in moments. Today as i was browsing through Facebook i saw a friend of mine post a photo of a girl named Reyhaneh Jabbari. It was a post advocating the #SaveReyhanehJabbari campaign that’s going on in the virtual world. That story isn’t necessarily my focus, but i’m all for how bold she is in defending herself.

My point in this post is to discuss the “hash tag”  movement and both it’s pros and cons. I’ve seen terrible things (lies) being hash tagged, such as multiple celebrity deaths which prove untrue, or nude photos that have been photo shopped. I’ve also seen really awesome campaigns that hash tag things like #PrayforTalia when a young cancer patient was near death or #weloveyouLeaMichele when the actresses boyfriend died suddenly. I like that the virtual world offers support to it’s members and that through such a simple form of participation we can help save a life, encourage a heart, or uplift a spirit.

soet2009_hashtags.gif (832×409)

Is there ever a point where these internet campaigns seems intrusive or unnecessary? Does our say even make a difference when the “big guy” has to make a decision? Is social media salvation actually doing anything to fix the problems that we face each day? If we come at this from a more shallow point of view we see that yes, our opinions and support do make a difference. For example #VoteforJustin is why Justin Bieber always wins big at all the music awards he attends. Social media has found a way to take virtual community to an even more intimate level, not only can you advertise yourself online and talk to friends, but now you can join groups and campaigns.

One thought on “Blog Post #5 – Social Media: Hash Tag – COM0011

  1. Thanks for this. I must admit that I still need to better understand how this works. I offer the following plucked this evening from a LinkedIn post:

    Eh! Eh! Happy Successful Monday! #humour #monday #success #attitude #amazing #allpossible #blessed #begrateful #choice #dailyquote #enjoy #enjoylife #gratitudeisthekey #instalike #instadaily #instaquote #inspiration #janicklemieux #OpenHeartSoulutions #soulnakedjanick #thebest #lifeisgood #success

    I know that there is a method to this madness… but, I walk away scratching my head! 🙂

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