Individuals Branding Through Community

QUICK! What’s a quick way to quick start your online business while having instant credibility?

Lots of advertising?

Begging your friends to buy from you?

Writing lots of fake positive reviews about your site?

How about promoting your own brand within a community of individual sellers like you?

Enter Etsy.


This selling community allows individuals to create their own online stores using all of Etsy’s resources. Providing easy, step-by-step set up to sell your vintage or hand made items, Etsy gives your brand credit. With secure payment systems, easy site searches, and user reviews, Etsy makes buying from individual sellers easy and secure.

Even more, Etsy is dedicated to helping its vendors become branded professionals. Sending regular newsletters with tips, tricks, and plans for success Etsy helps lots of individuals create their own, valid brands under the Etsy banner.

etsy 2

Vendors through Etsy pay minimal fees for all this help – at 20 cents per listing, this automatic reputation comes at a reasonable cost.

Creating your brand and making it distinctive is one of the most essential parts of running a business – but for part time sellers, start ups, and those looking for existing networks, this reputation boost given by being an Etsy vendor in addition to having their own brand is worth carrying someone else’s logo in addition to your own.

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