Effective Facebooking – Blog Post #1

The importance of effective writing, strategic delivery and use of media has been been at the forefront of marketing and promotions for years.  As cyber marketing has evolved and its use in such areas has increased, similar patterns have been transposed to the digital world.  Along with such methods the clearer ability to track and measure effectiveness has increased.

For years now, I have used email marketing and its measuring metrics to evaluate and respond accordingly for maximum effectiveness.  However, to be honest, in the world of social media I never really considered important its timing, methods or delivery.  Recently I read a post that analyzed what made a Facebook post effective, with the furthest reaching impact.

The infographic explains it well, but the simplicity in the brief description around each metric left me with some ‘ah ha’ moments. Never had I realized the impact of a few simple decisions.  Granted, the content has to be quality but there are a few simple tricks that can enhance the impact of the post and give you better odds of giving more people the chance to read your material. Hashtags are a different beast though. They seem to be hit or miss and for the typical reader and they may not be useful but probably as time goes by, their role will be more significant and a technique I will need to become better at exploiting.

When you Facebook or tweet have you consider what might get you the best bang for your buck?  What methods are you using?

One thought on “Effective Facebooking – Blog Post #1

  1. Great post! I definitely take into account factors such as day and time when posting to my company’s Facebook account. Sometimes it’s obvious – don’t post on a Sunday or on late at night – but other times the differences are more subtle. Within my company’s community, we’ve found (by using Google Analytics) that late afternoon on a Thursday is the best time to reach the most people.

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