COM0015 – Blog # 1: Social Media Listening Tools and News Sources


In social media, listening is the essential process of understanding your customers. Who are they? Where do they gather? What are they saying? Why are they saying it and how are they saying it?  People are talking and as a brand you need to know what is being said so that you can understand how to build a trusting relationship and engage with your customers appropriately.

Two Social Media Listening Tools

Talkwalker Alerts

Talkwalker Alerts is a favourite because it is a free and easy social media monitoring tool that provides email updates of the latest and most relevant mentions  as they happen.


Hootsuite is a great tool for managing multiple social channels and applications by allowing an individual or teams to measure marketing analytics, insights and campaign results. It also allows users to efficiently monitor conversations, track social mentions, and social influence.

Two Sources of News and Updates

For me, one of the best sources for real-time and up-to-date news is Twitter. Whether it’s current events or industry news you wish to follow, the information on Twitter is instantaneous.

Another go to source of mine for news and updates is Facebook. I regularly read relevant posts and stories that appear in my feed.

What are some of your essential social monitoring tools and sources of news?

3 thoughts on “COM0015 – Blog # 1: Social Media Listening Tools and News Sources

  1. I too am not familiar with Talkwalker alerts. Thanks for sharing. It looks like an interesting tool that I will definitely explore.

  2. I follow a lot of newspapers, magazines and blogs in my Facebook news feed. I find that feed more manageable than my Twitter feed, in terms of not being inundated with too much to sort through. I actually had to stop following The Globe and Mail on Twitter because there were just too many tweets to keep up with, and smaller, less active voices were getting pushed out of the way (voices I still wanted to hear from). I think a lot of “tweeters” have yet to find the right balance between quality and quantity of information.

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