Com0011 Blog Post 5 Does Social Media Improve Our LIves?

It seems there are two schools of thought on the subject out there today. The first one (let’s call the group who hold this belief Camp A) being: social media enhances my life. The people who believe this to be true are the ones that carry their smartphones with them where ever they go, whipping them out to capture and share photos of meals, babies or fall leaves. These users find joy in using Facebook to reconnect with people they have not seen in a while, or with those who live far away.  They stay up-to-date on current events and news through their feeds, and look forward to checking in with friends and RSVP’ing to events online.

Then there is the other way of thinking (Camp B): social media represents an online life that is not ‘real’ and is a waste of time. These people think that interacting with people over Facebook is not enough and is sometimes a cop-out for not seeing or interacting with this people offline. It’s the lazy man’s route to send an online birthday card when you would make a much more personal connection by hand-delivering a card. These people also believe that people post photos and share things on social media that are waaay too personal, and feel this violates their privacy.

Camp A believe that social media increases their connection with others, while Camp B believes the opposite to be true; that the more people are plugged in, the more they are disconnected from the real world, and from interacting with others.

Which camp do you belong to, and why?

One thought on “Com0011 Blog Post 5 Does Social Media Improve Our LIves?

  1. I think most people fall into one of those two camps, however I believe there are people who may fit into a group somewhere in-between.
    I am definitely not in Camp A — I have no interest in staying connected 24/7. I’m much closer to having a Camp B personality. I think social media has many negative attributes, however, I’m not so sure I’d like to do without it — there are so many advantages to social media.
    I guess it’s like many other things in life — using it properly and in moderation can enhance your life significantly, but a lack of discipline that allows it to take control of you can be deleterious.

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