COM0014 – What I Did On My Vacation

My last vacation will probably forever be the most memorable one!

My grandfather was born in Newfoundland, where he married and had three children. In his late 20s he moved to Ontario where he met my grandmother and had my dad. I’m not sure if anyone is a newfy or can relate to the crazy out east stories, the ‘creative’ remedies for any sickness and the exaggerations!!

Some of my favourites I heard numerous times throughout the trip this summer were:

“Stay where you’re at, I’ll come where you’re to,” “lord tunderin jesus,” and “eh bye.”

As far as remedies go.. molasses can and should be put on everything, and you will never be sick again as long as you take a spoonful of cod liver oil daily!

However, the trip held more importance than just embracing the newfy culture. My grandfather isn’t doing the best health wise. Every summer he goes back to Newfoundland to visit his family, and we thought that this was probably going to be his last. We wanted to experience first hand where he came from and he wanted to show us off to the, what seemed to be, hundreds of family members! My sister and I flew with my grandpa and spent the week eating lobster, visiting family, and well, drinking (that part definitely isn’t a myth about newfies!)

The landscape is breathtaking and the people are the friendliest most kind hearted!

Here are a few pictures of the trip!

Beautiful Landscape

Beautiful Landscape


Dinner :)

Dinner 🙂


Grandpa and the Grandkids

Grandpa and the Grandkids


The Boot

The Boot

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