COM0014 – To Super Social Media and Beyond – Blog #7

Photo courtesy of Design House Agency.

Photo courtesy of Design House Agency.

In today’s social media world understanding the value of starting and listening to conversations is essential. Understanding how to identify the type of content that interests your fans is even more vital to developing a true connection with your audience. When original content is hard to come by it’s important to understand how to find this content within your organization.

At Carleton University we have a variety of students, staff and faculty available to assist with the recruitment process. What is often forgotten however is that these stories aren’t just available, they can be absolutely inspiring. To a young student considering Carleton University being able to connect with someones story or benefit from even a small piece of advice they may share in a post or video is important to helping share the universities brand. Understanding the needs of your audience allows your department to determine what stories or tips are best for the time of year.

As a content creator once you have developed your brands social media policy and established a voice integrating these stories is the next step to insuring they represent your brand when it needs it the most. Being able to share valuable content with your target audience is as important as understanding the communication tools available to you and being able to implement them based on your audience.

At Carleton our content is timely and reflects the needs of our audience, but I personally believe it’s time to increase the amount of digital content we share with our audience. Seeing an increase in audience interaction as we increase the amount of photos and digital content it’s time our office evolves. Using tools such as Vine to create short videos would allow our office to reach out to prospective students in a way that we were never able to before.

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