COMM0014 Blog Post 1 ( my summer vacation)

What i did on my summer vacation was pretty basic because i didn’t do much. Spent quite a lot of time with my family which is always great. My dad and i would go to a cruise night sometimes my cousin would go as well. Its pretty fun just to show your car and talk with people about cars and the happenings in the hot rod world. Besides from that i also started to modify my main guitar which is an off brand telecaster that I’ve totally went through and changed the whole thing to make it how i want. It sounds a thousand times better then before i worked on it.

So besides cars and guitars.. I really didn’t do much this summer that’s really worth talking about. So ill talk about the miniatures that i build cause i think you might be curious as to what kind of miniatures i create.With that being said i mostly build scale race cars that vary from short track late-models to hand built hot rods. ill provide images of a few things i am currently working on.At the end of this ill provide a picture or two of something i have built or that i am working on.. just don’t expect a guitar cause i’m not through working on it to get it to a point worthy of pics.

10565078_10152691967650695_6979778825178927762_n         527381_10150861795405695_281518196_n

Also since i’m a little late posting this due the fact im a bit of a derp sometimes ill be reading everyone’s posts after this is posted. Thanks for reading.

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