COM0014 – Blog 5 – Personal Branding

I always have a hard time describing my personal branding, I come from an organization that discourages personal differences or ‘bragging’ about oneself so it is always uncomfortable for me to do so. Also, because I do not really use social media to promote a business, I often feel I can’t really describe my personal branding, but I will give it a shot! I work for a youth organization and it is essential that we use the same social platforms as they do.

Some of my personal qualities and characteristics that set me apart from my peers are my dedication, resilience, loyalty, professionalism, and organizational skills. I work hard to complete projects and aim for results. I do not back down from a challenge, but I can ask for help when I’m out of my realm. The needs of my ‘clients’ are the core of what I do and I always try to offer them my best. The fact that I am bilingual is also something that sets me apart from my ‘competitors’ (maybe less in Ottawa, but nationwide, for sure!).

In order to stand out at work, I keep up to date with the latest trends in social media and always push for better communication and sharing of information. I also believe I am more open to change than the majority of my colleagues and it doesn’t bother me to promote it. I take the time to review things and keep in mind the interests of my stakeholders.

I have asked two of my colleagues to describe me and they came out with: intelligent, organized, thoughtful, loyal, have a sense of humor, frank, direct, not afraid of confrontation, and have very diverse skills. I am very grateful for those colleagues because it is not every day you hear what people think of you professionally.

I have spearheaded numerous projects: creation and maintenance of two bilingual Facebook pages for work; development of communication strategies; and risk management policies and protocols. I also learned about outdoor risk management in order to review important policies and publications for compliance with industry best practices and standards, but what I am mostly proud of is my work ethic and my dedication. For the majority of us, it may not mean much, but for me, but for us who have pledge to serve my country before myself, it is a tremendous achievement. I have been working full time for the government for 7 years now and there were times where I could have taken it easy or stop caring, but I didn’t. I continue on given my best every day and I always remember who and what I work for. There is a ‘customer’ at the other end and if I ‘slack’ off, the customer will not get the experience it should have. I strive for excellence and nothing else.

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