Socially Crippled


While reading this article, I found myself drifting away from the political side of the piece. I became aware and then concerned about the fact that we are socially crippling ourselves with social media. I was awestruck since the whole idea of social media is to “enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking” – according to the Oxford Dictionary.  Generally, the point of social media is to help people socialize with one another.


According to the article in the New York Times, research shows that individuals who use social medias frequently surround themselves with other individuals with similar opinions and personalities.  The research also shows that those users are less likely to voice their own opinions. To add to this dilemma, social medias are now altering what we see on our news feeds to match our personalities. The chances of us ever getting into a disagreement are becoming slim.


Since we surround ourselves with individuals with similar point of views, diversity is not as common and because of this; people do not get the opportunity to expand their knowledge. Because we are avoiding conflicts, potential problems are not solved; new ideas or tactics are not voiced. We are lacking opinion, which then takes away from our individuality.


Basically, social media is altering our personalities and we are becoming antisocial and anti-confrontational. We do not take the opportunity to voice our point of views and our ideas even though medias such as Facebook and Twitter were created for exactly that.

One thought on “Socially Crippled

  1. I believe there’s some truth to this, Marjolaine, and it can definitely have a polarizing affect. People are afraid to share opinions that differ from those of their peers. Of course, social media allows for anonymity, however those comments never carry as much weight as those that are attached to a specific individual.

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