COM0014 – Blog Post 4 – West Jet and the case of B2C

My good example of B2C is West Jet. Right from the start, West Jet publicized they were different from other airlines by the fact that they cared because they were owners too. After, when social media became the ‘norm’, West Jet did not lose a beat and started to engage their audience with online promotions, blogs, and videos. When Facebook came out with Pages, West Jet created two official pages (English and French) and engaged with the community. Same for their Twitter feed. If you follow their feed, there is an incredible amount of interactions and re-twits (positive or negative) in both official languages. Not only do they advertise their latest promotions, they also respond to questions and comments from the public. Their interactions are always polite and they show concern when it is appropriate. Overall, it seems that West Jet is one of the few Canadian companies that allocate time and resources to maintain communication lines with their consumers. In the large and competitive travel industry, West Jet distinguished themselves with care and humor  through yearly April Fools videos, Christmas Cheers, Flash Mobs, collaboration with the Toronto Blue Jays, community projects, etc.  The company was capable of involving itself in the community by being involved and contributing. Again, everybody knows that West Jet cares because they are West Jet owners too.
I follow West Jet on Twitter and Facebook. The company also regularly uses You Tube, Instagram, and a blog. Their interactions are about the people and not always about their latest promotions. They always try to provide solutions to complaints or show concern and empathy, especially if the travel situation is out of their control. They genuinely look like they value their customers and are listening to their needs. They often ask for contribution from the audience such as pictures, comments from trips and ‘tags’ from travel posts, etc.  West Jet also takes the time to ask their audience questions about various topics.
I think that West Jet is a good example of proactive B2C and a leading company when it comes to utilizing social media. They are posting more than once a day and are not afraid to interact with their audience, even if it means answering unhappy customers.

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