COM0011 Blog Post 3: Images, Our Impactful Social Media Attention-Getters

A picture is worth a thousand words. There, I said it. The phrase is overused for a very good reason – because it is true. And pictures on social media are a perfect fit. There is so much data to support the value of using images on social media platforms. Images leave lasting impressions, taking up more newsfeed real estate, drawing attention, boosting our response rates, therefore engaging more people.
Our time is limited today; there is so much digital content out there that we don’t have time to read everything we see and, even when something peaks our interest and we click on a website, we usually read about 20% of the text on the page. More than ever, we rely on visuals to inform us what content is worthy of our valuable time.

These numbers don’t lie:

On Facebook, posts with images generate 84 percent more engagement than text-only posts.

On Twitter, tweets with images generate 35 percent more retweets than those without.

 Here are some more interesting facts:


Alright. We’ve established that images are an extremely important engagement tool in social media. So what photos should we post? Because these images attract so much attention and speak volumes about a person, product or service, they’d better be communicating the right message.

I think we have to ask ourselves, ‘What story am I trying to tell? What message about my brand am I trying to convey?” One way to approach this is to think about your mission statement. What images would visually support your statement? What themes come through your statement, and how would you best convey them visually?

If we stay true to our brands and stick within their thematic bounds, our marketing will be more accessible, and more impactful. Our followers/customers will have a very clear sense of our brand, which will in turn lead to more opportunities in our careers and in our fields.

MIT News

One thought on “COM0011 Blog Post 3: Images, Our Impactful Social Media Attention-Getters

  1. So true! And, with handheld devices being so powerful, we’ll start to see more of this. In fact, more powerful handhelds and easy-to-use applications are making videos a much more effective marketing tool!

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