Driven to Change Things – COMM0014 – Blog 5

performance-drivenLast March I sat in an interview – to coach a minor hockey team – and was asked what sets me apart from others. I told them I was a communicator, but not any communicator, no I’m different. I’m edgy and tech-savvy, I like to get to the root of problems and have people find their own solutions, I like to motivate. Now, there are hundreds of other motivators and communicators out their doing this too, but where I’m different is that it’s my job. I live and breathe communication styles, target audiences, metrics and results.

When I left a recurring contract in the Federal Government at 21 about a month after buying a house I felt like I was taking a leap of faith. But, after all, that’s me! I’m daring and aggressive and my style matches that, I love pushing boundaries, finding new ways to interact and deliver content, in many ways who I am reflects the nature of social media.

Lately, my skills have evolved almost as quickly as the months on the calendar have changed, now well versed in Photoshop and photography I have the ability to create my own content and be my own lead. Today, I’m adaptive, creative and whenever I’m allowed, cutting edge. I believe in modern content and innovating change and I won’t stop until I’ve made a difference.

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