Social Media Can Boost Your Career!

While reading the article on the small town artist Austin Kleon, I realized that so many tools are available to help us with our careers. Nowadays, it is much easier for an artist to release his artwork, music and videos out into the world for everyone to experience. Instagram and Vimeo are free apps/ websites anyone can use to submit their artwork. While it may be difficult, if the artist is committed, one post on Instagram could be the key to their success.

Artists are not the only one to benefit from social media, there are other apps such as LinkedIn that allow you to create a professional profile (resume, past experience, current workplace, etc.) for you to share. This app also allows you to follow groups, companies and coworkers; helping you create valuable contacts in your field as well as others.

I have a feeling this is just the beginning. So many more apps are out there and I am certain more are to come. I am curious to know what other apps and websites can help us boost our career, share them with me if you know any and tell me your predictions of what future apps are to come!

One thought on “Social Media Can Boost Your Career!

  1. You’re so right, Marjolaine. Never before has an opportunity like this existed, where individuals can immediately share and socialize with the world so easily. And having so much information, opinions, ideas and content at our fingertips increases the creative potential in each of us. This has led to exponential change, and it will only increase.

    BTW, I just read a Wired article that opines about how many similar, smaller competitors could be the death of LinkedIn. In essence, the author discusses how people are migrating to sites specializing in their respective vocations (for example: Doximity, for doctors; Spiceworks, for IT professionals), preferring the advantages they offer over a more general LinkedIn site. An interesting read which you can check out here:

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