Contemplating Coach

Meet Humphrey!

When this tweet popped up in my wife’s feed last week it caught my attention. I’d heard of Coach, Inc. but I’d never really looked at their products before. Now, scrolling through their news feed I’ve started to follow them myself. Not only for more awesome pictures of this cute dog but because I’m interested in some of the wallets and bags they offer for men.

Coach is a big time American brand and a name that is known around the world and yet their Twitter account is always active. Tweeting 4-5 products a day the content provided by coach is engaging and connected while always linking their customers back to their websites.

As I began to look around further at the Coach brand I found that their Facebook page had over 5 million likes and their content was different from that which would be found on Twitter. Sharing photos albums, positive press and photos of celebrities using their products their pages providing unique content from what was being found elsewhere.

However, when looking at their interaction with customers this is where I feel Coach might need to be taught a thing or two. Rarely do you ever find Coach responding or retweeting mentions. On Facebook consumers don’t even have the opportunity to ask questions. Interested in a new product? Want to know more about colours? Time to head to their website and find answers for yourself.

I have to admit, at first I was upset about this, but with the depth of their product line as soon as I arrived at their website I was lost in it, looking at watches and wallets within minutes.

Well played Humphrey, well played!

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