Com0015 – Assignment#5 – Event Participation Blog

Com0015 – Assignment#5 – Event Participation Blog

Name the event with a link and explain why you chose this event to attend.

The event is called Women Who Code – Intro to Web Development Workshop and I chose to attend this event because as I am currently heading a project to redesign my company’s website. I will be the administrator for our website when it re-launches and I thought that it would be very useful to gain a better understanding of what goes on in the back end of building a website. This will also help me to ask better questions of the developers building the site as well as come in handy if any problems arise and link me to a network of individuals who may be going through a similar journey as a beginner to web design.

Prove that you attended – include a picture at the event, a screen capture of the discussion, participant list, a JING video of the event, etc.

Women Who Code Workshop 08132014

The workshop view from my seat!

Women Who Code Log in Info 08132014

Logging in!


Look Ma! I got  a Sticker!

Look Ma! I got a Sticker!

Who did you meet or interact with at the event? What did learn from that interaction and what did you contribute to the interaction?

I met two young ladies: Amy who is a second year student at UFT in computer science and physics (which she said is for fun) and Amanda who is a legal assistant who took to web development as a way to use her creative side. I learned from Amanda of two other organizations that also provide web development workshops. One is Code Academy which is an online based company that provides free tutorials on how to code and the YMCA that has a low cost web development workshop. I advised Amanda about another not for profit company called Ladies Learning Code which has low cost workshops as well on the weekends.

What ideas have you walked away with from the event?

I have a better idea of what exactly coding is and some of the fundamental concepts behind it. I also feel that with another lesson or two, I would be able to actually code my own basic websites and that I will better be able to understand the web design process when we begin to work on developing the site.

Collect a quotable quote from the event?

In all honesty, the instructor of the session went through everything so fast and due to the disorganization of the workshop, I was playing catch up so hard that most of what he said is blur.

Will you attend a similar event again in the future? Explain why.

I don’t think I would attend another workshop by the Women Who Code as I felt that it was a tad disorganized. There was an email I was supposed to have received that was needed for the workshop as it held certain files that we were going to use.

In the first 15 minutes that I was there and everyone was setting up, there was no mention anywhere that I needed anything additional than to download a text editor called sublime. Instead while the instructor was going through the definitions of fundamental terms we needed to understand, I was scrambling to find this email and I ended up getting 20 minutes behind the workshop. this meant that I didn’t get as much out of the session as I hoping to.

The instructor also went extremely fast through the material so, it was impossible for me to ever catch up. In the beginning he should have posted that there were files we needed where he posted the information to the WiFi and the site that we were using. Then he should have walked around to make sure everyone was set up and ready to go before starting the class instead he sat at the front looking bored.

I would however check out a workshop run by another organization such as Ladies Learning Code as this  Women Who Code was hosted by a company called Bitmaker Labs who actually runs a school for web development that they were promoting at every opportunity they had which may be the real reason they hosted this workshop in order to advertise their (very) expensive classes.


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