So Easy a … 6 Year Old Can Do It.

The Ottawa Green Bin program has changed the way that most citizens handle their garbage, and although the program makes it easy to compost, many people had complaints.

One of the primary obstacles that the Green Bin program met was the liner problem.To prevent undesirable organic build up in outdoor bins that could attract flies and other unwanted pests, Green Bin Ottawa suggested that composters create bin liners for their indoor compost bucket, that could be sealed when transferred to the larger curb bin.

How did they combat complaints that this could be difficult, and was a little desired skill?

Presenting Bella : 

This wonderful Youtube Video showcases how a six year old girl and resident of Ottawa folds her bin liners – and sends a pretty clear unsaid message : If this little girl can do it, so can you!

The success of this video lies in its’ simple presentation : no showboating, or even telling the audience how easy this task is – simply presenting each step in order, and by host, Bella.

A wonderful video that gained good traction, with 70,000 views, it beautifully captures how sometimes the best videos are the most simple.

Have you seen a video that made use of simple techniques like this?

One thought on “So Easy a … 6 Year Old Can Do It.

  1. Just last week I used a Youtube video to help my son tie a tie! I’ve shown him several times, but since he rarely wears one he understandably forgets how to do it. After showing him again I forwarded this video to him, just in case I’m not around to show him the next time he needs to tie one (unless it’s for his wedding, which I’ll most probably be there for). And thanks for sharing the video — if a six year old can fold a bin liner that way I might actually have some success doing it myself. Wish me luck!

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