COMM0011 – Blog 6 – Where to go from here…

Well here we are, the close of the COMM0011 chapter is upon us.

As I sit here and reflect upon the reflect upon the last few months, and my experience with this course, I am content.

I started from a place of ignorance and quickly moved into sheer awe! I then moved through various stages of learning to the place where I find myself today.

So, how confident do I feel about my new-found knowledge?

Hmmmm….I’d say mildly confident :). I would definitely have a better sense of navigating introductory concepts. I also feel very clear about where I would like to go next.

Up until now I have learned about the various tools available and how businesses and government are using them. I have also enjoyed learning about concepts of engagement, ‘listening’ and online ‘conversations. More recently, I have been challenged to work on my brand development, searched for target audiences and learned the fundamentals of some of the more common tools.

I can’t speak for everyone – but I feel like I have come a LONG way!

The next steps for me are to continue to develop my online business strategy. I have some important decisions to make, and some plans to put into action!

I am planning on joining COMM0012. The course description reads as exactly what I need to take the next steps and move forward.

Thank you to all of my reader’s, and your supportive comments.  I want to wish all of my COMM0011 colleagues the very best in future projects and endeavors. Hopefully we will cross paths again.

Until next time;


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