Com0015 – Assignment #1 – Blog Post #4 – Out the Box

Com0015 – Assignment #1 – Blog Post #4 – Out the Box

In working through the process to have my company’s website redesigned, one thing that has become clear to me is that we will need to have a robust strategy to create content consistently. We are technically a medium sized business due to the fact that we operate several manufacturing plants but our head office staff that leads the various pieces of operation is pretty small.

This means that I will be the driving force behind the content wheel and I will have to find creative ways to leverage help from some very busy and harried people that won’t necessarily see creating content as a priority. So, I am currently investigating some pretty interesting ways to make creating content simple, easy and effective.

One such potential method that I stumbled upon during my research is a online based software called Zerys. It will allow for the creation of a content calendar, the build of the project (blog post, long content, ebook ect) within the platform as well as assigning to either your internal team or to outsource it to a network of writers who bid on the project. You can also post directly to certain social accounts from Zerys.

It’s cost effective because once you assign it to a writer you can schedule it into a calendar system that alerts them that they have work to be completed and alerts you once the work has been finished. If sourcing to external writers, not only are the rates reasonable you will only pay if you are satisfied with the work.

We haven’t decided that this is the route to go but it certainly is an intriguing possibility.

Check it out and let me know what you think.



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