Go Ahead – Quiz Me! COM0011 Blog #6

Lately, my Facebook feed seems to be full of quizzes. They can be somewhat amusing and have come in handy when faced with a Quiz Pic little extra time i.e. picking up the kids from activities, waiting for that oil change or sitting in the hair salon chair. With just a few clicks, I can find out my IQ, which popstar should be my best friend or which career I should actually have (apparently, I should have been an astronaut – I may have missed that boat…err…shuttle)!

Admittedly, I have done a few in my day but it begs the question…are these quizzes designed purely for entertainment?

I think not.

Does your privacy matter?

An article “How It’s Done: Internet quizzes may collect more than your answersoutlines a few things to consider before you begin your on-line quiz:

  • If you take an online quiz, resist the temptation to share the results on Facebook or other social Privacy Picnetworking sites.
  • Don’t take a quiz that requires you to sign in with personal details.
  • Never take a quiz that requires you to submit your credit card information.
  • Questions that might “seem very innocuous” — “What street did you grow up on?” for example — may be aimed at ferreting out your account passwords or answers to security questions.
  • And most of all, “be mindful,” noting that if you take Internet quizzes routinely, you may get so “used to doing these things that you don’t realize that you’re giving away your privacy.”

What exactly are we giving up?

 Data Collection

 The following video is part of a “trailer” for an on-line game.


There is big money to be made from information about you, your family, and your friends. Companies pay big bucks to learn as much about us as they can, and use that information to get more info out of us or sell us their wares. As the adage goes: “If you’re not paying for a service, you’re the product, not the customer.” A lot of the content we click on or engage with – like online quizzes – is designed to collect information about us to target us with ads or for sale to other organizations.

I normally don’t share my quiz results on social (unless my IQ score is 126)! For many, privacy is a big concern and I’m curious if you are concerned with putting too much information out there? Does privacy matter to you?

GOOD NEWS! If you believe you may be spending too much time taking quizzes, click HERE to find out because there’s a quiz for that too (before you do, please see above bullet points)!








Image: http://www.simplyzesty.com/Blog/Article/August-2011/Why-privacy-is-an-outdated-concept

3 thoughts on “Go Ahead – Quiz Me! COM0011 Blog #6

  1. Absolutely fantastic blog, the content is so spot in. I’ve seen so many, and even taken a few, quizzes in my feed lately and I’ve always noticed the odd one looking for specific details. I’ve also noticed the marketing aspect of some of these quizzes, the pages where they live, the way they use products in pictures. It’s a very interesting study on how companies can reach the average user these days.

    • Thank you Jeremy! It’s surprising how many people take these quizzes and really don’t care about where their information is going. For most, it is the price to “play” on the internet.

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