Com0014 Assignment # 1 Blog Post #7 – Personal Reflection

Com0014 Assignment # 1 Blog Post #7 – Personal Reflection

Summing up Storytelling in a B2B World in one word: COMPLICATED!

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I have been a part of the corporate business world for 15 years now and as a fledgling who cut her baby teeth in customer service; I had to learn on the fly and pretty quickly how to use different interaction styles with happy customers versus irate customers. As well, I had to figure out how to best communicate with my bosses and how to phrase interoffice communications.

I also needed to learn how to provide critique and how to coach not only my peers but new employees and those in management positions above my own. Each group required a different method and being politically correct was a necessity if you wanted to collect that paycheck at the end day. Don’t get me wrong, the common sense lessons that I learned at my father’s knee and practice on how to sass back without getting in trouble have certainly served me well in any communication arena that I have had to venture into. However, with the advent of social media as an accepted form of marketing in business and the popularity of storytelling for brands has meant yet another complexity in how to correspond with internal and external clientele.

Gone are the days that politely phrased politically correct statements posted to a website or social media account are enough. With the deluge of blogs, ebooks, whitepapers, tweets, and digital media post, it is no longer enough to just post an announcement or make a proclamation. It is a do or die necessity to be engaging, entertaining, interactive, interesting and knowledgeable as you need to beat out all those other competitors for your audiences limited attention span. Storytelling is the new communication art form and you had better get on the boat or you will lose out in leads, sales, reputation management and brand awareness. You also need to be consistent by producing content regularly but you also need to be sure that what you publish is quality content.

I am still trying to piece together what the right tone and style will be for my company’s website as it is a juggling act on to how to balance the right level of entertaining and humorous with professionalism and being knowledgeable. We need to figure out with a limited budget and constrained resources the level of quality and engaging content we can consistently produce.

I face a long road ahead of me and I am always interested in tips or techniques to gain stakeholder approval and consensus. Anyone have any ideas?

Feel free to post comments with your 2 cents!

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