COM0014 – Managing Two Target Audiences

Young, brash and tech-savvy. Today’s modern teenage athlete is a unique blend of flair and technological know-how unlike anything anyone over the age of 25 grew up with. Personally, my 19 year old brother and aren’t always speaking the same language when it comes to internet trends and I’d consider myself rather connected.

The Social Athlete's GuideWhen I started The Social Athlete’s Guide a few months ago my intention was to help young athletes and their parents manage the world of social media. As a hockey coach I follow many scouts and coaches from around the world and hate seeing another player losing their scholarship because they sent a thoughtless tweet.
So I don’t have one audience, I have two, parents of young athletes fall into that group that I’m slowly creeping into, despite my best efforts, and are seeking to be educated on the best practices for social media. While my other audience, young athletes, want lessons based on stars; a show and tell of best practices in social media. Connecting with these audiences and providing them content they can relate too is varied. Over the past few months I’ve taken to social media, Twitter to be exact, to connect with these markets.

The response has been interesting, slowly my blog voice is evolving and so is my audience. Today coaches, parents and organizers are showing as much, if not more, interest in my content than the athletes I’m reaching out to. The adults have proven to love lists and articles which are short but detailed helping them understand technology. But my athletic readers want bios, Athlete Profiles, as I call them, which are short, accurate and feature a star to strive connect with. Connecting with both on Twitter has been a task but the response is growing. As more famous or well-known names become fans the brand is growing.

Got any tips for managing multiple audiences, I’d love to hear from you!

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