Blog Post 4 – Comm0015 – The Unexpected Pleasant Surprises

Mark Calder


I was pleasantly surprised to find out about new online ways employees can gain feedback from their bosses about projects in real time through applications such as Rypple and (for a description see: and ) With Rypple, the feedback is anonymous and is not considered for promotions – but merely used to help improve an employee’s performance.

Another neat application for social media is in the rental housing domain. Since I may have to become a landlord myself in the near future, I noticed that landlords are now using social media for a variety of applications including: posting photos of staged homes and apartments on Pinterest; answering questions about the neighborhood on Twitter; hosting “meetups” at apartments and even hosting microblogs about happenings in the neighbourhood so prospective clients get a feel for the area (see:


One thought on “Blog Post 4 – Comm0015 – The Unexpected Pleasant Surprises

  1. Your comment about using social media in the rental housing market makes me wonder if real estate agents will one day become dinosaurs? I realize social media is currently providing a huge advantage to those who are maximizing its potential, but perhaps with the power of social media one day all home owners will become their own agents?

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