COMM0011 – Blog Post 5 – Defining My Brand

Over the past few weeks, I have been sharing the various discoveries I have been making through taking this class on my blog. In the more recent posts I have focused largely on the task of finding the audience for my business.

I have also been working on how to properly define and develop my brand. Aside from the obvious tasks involved in this process i.e. defining the services I offer and the distinguishing characteristics that these services provide, I have also come across other helpful steps.

Development of brand strength should also include:

1. Identifying ‘Core Values’ of the services I offer and of the company as a whole: (respect, compassion, integrity and personalized service) 

2. Identifying the mission of the company: To help my clients connect to and experience their own optimal physical function.

3. Create a Tagline for the company, I have two ideas for this one: ‘@musclematters’ or ‘@muscleworks’not sure which one fits best just yet…

4. Create a ‘personality’ or ‘character’ for the brand which audiences will associate with the services my business offers.  Here is a sample of what I envision for my personality / character / logo:



I am definitely making progress through these steps, although I will continue to work my way through a few more such as:

Building a relationship between the brand character and the audience, developing personality ‘traits’ of my brand / business (I’m thinking empowered, energetic,  inspiring, happy, healthy etc)…

As I move forward working through this process, I would love to hear feedback or advice from your own experience with brand development.

Until next time;




6 thoughts on “COMM0011 – Blog Post 5 – Defining My Brand

  1. Exciting!! I wish you all the best. Sometimes looking at other businesses can give you an idea of how to focus yours as well – like a case study –

  2. What if you incorporate your service into your name. Instead of” total stability” it could be “total massage” or “massage muscle works”. This could help your audience know what you do before they even engage with your service.
    If you use a business name higher in the alphabet it will get you listed higher in the search terms as well. Consider this, if you are still in the naming stage.
    Sounds exciting to be in the creating stages of branding your business.
    Keep in mind if you use a female character as an icon you could be segmenting your market before you even begin. This could help or hinder depending on your target market and size.

    • Hi! Thank you for the tips, it’s nice to hear someone else bring some things up that I have thought of myself….and others that I hadn’t considered. I am still on the fence as to how I will ‘name’ myself…..but the work is still in progress! 🙂

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